Nick’s Newsletter No. 37

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The News:

Security acquisitions reach a fever pitch

  • A review of some of the cybersecurity M&A in October. Pretty amazing.

Blue Coat is buying cloud security startup Elastica for more than $300M

  • After buying the CASB Perspecsys several months ago, Blue Coat continues to beef up their cloud security with the Elastica acquisition. We’re seeing a bunch of M&A activity in the CASB space. Most recently, Microsoft acquired Adallom for $300 million.

Proofpoint Acquires Socialware

  • Socialware plays in the emerging space of social media security and compliance. See this interview with ZeroFox CEO James Foster for more on social media security.

Cybersecurity Firm iboss Raises $35M From Goldman Sachs, Looks Toward IPO

  • Though the valuation wasn’t disclosed, iBoss founder Paul Martini claims that it was “more than 500 million.” The San Diego-based company hadn’t raised any money previously and claims that they only took the money to help establish relationships with investors in preparation for an IPO–likely within 24 months.

An S.V.-D.C. Joint Strike at the Cyber Security Threat (Q&A)

  • Ted Schlein interviews Nathaniel Fick of Endgame, Jay Kaplan of Synack, and Oren Falkowitz of Area1 on the state of cooperation between Silicon Valley and the government on cybersecurity.

Internet firms to be banned from offering unbreakable encryption under new laws in the UK

  • Prime Minister David Cameron pushed for the laws, claiming that criminals must not be allowed a “safe space” online.

Hackers Take $1 Million iPhone Jailbreak Prize, Claims Zero-Day Dealer

  • Zerodium announced that it would be paying $1 million to an undisclosed hacking group that found a way to hack into an iPhone from an internet browser.

Comparing the top Web fraud detection systems

  • The author looks at fraud detection companies such as Kount, Easy Solutions, Iovation and ThreatMetrix across various criteria.

Unrelated to Security:

Use this Formula to Quickly Gain Anyone’s Trust

  • Lessons from Wharton Professor Maurice Schweitzer’s book Friend or Foe, in which he describes the tactics that psychologists use to establish trust with their patients.

MoneyGram: Bitcoin Will Fail to Disrupt Remittances

  • The VP of business development at MoneyGram argued at a panel discussion that BitCoin won’t disrupt remittances–an area that some Bitcoin supporters claim to be its clearest use case.

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